Before she retired, Alison’s career covered many aspects of accounting and administration, including four years as Company Secretary for a company listed on the NZX and the ASX, and several years as the Financial Controller for a group of 11 companies in the Mortgage and Insurance industries.  Very strong financial records skills coupled with expertise in running administrative departments; staffing, HR, database systems and creating cost effective workflows for the companies she has worked for.

Alison has always been very task and results oriented and has an affinity with most software programmes which creates a lot of flexibility.

Since retiring last November, Alison has kept busy with her side business of designing and building small boutique websites, writing short stories, taking photographs and playing poker.

Alison is passionate about the LGBTQI+ community in Auckland, although not much of a socialiser.  She was a member of Rainbow Auckland and served a term as treasurer about 12 years ago, (when it was GABA). Her own journey has been quite frought, coming out, then going back into the closet, before coming out with full acceptance of herself – her sexual orientation and her non binary gender identity – she understands how rough the road can be.  She has a fervour for inclusivity across all the Rainbow community, as her journey has taught her the pain of being on the fringes.

Personal Statement:
“Knowing who I am, who I truly am, has finally brought me the peace I so longed for over my lifetime. I want our community to be one of loving acceptance and support for one another no matter what our politics might be, or which religion or non religion we choose to have, and where on the rainbow we are – what shade LGBTQI+ we are.”