Originally from the UK, Anthony moved to New Zealand in 1994 and recently became a New Zealand Citizen. Anthony has worked in the UK, New Zealand and Hong Kong in sales management, primarily around the provision of services to business and government. This is where he developed skills in facilitation and problem solving, often finding solutions in complex situations. Producing outcomes where everyone wins is how he measures his success.  He is an effective communicator and networker, building productive relationships across organisations and the community, at all levels. 

His passion for the betterment of our community has led him to be involved with management in gay sport, currently serving as chair for the New Zealand Falcons rugby team. He is also a past volunteer and current member of the New Zealand Aids Foundation.  

With a passion for the Rainbow Community, he believes that the way for our community to get past the pain of disenfranchisement is communication, talking through the issues and finding a path forward. Inclusiveness is a critical part of his thinking.

Personal Statement: 
“I am a proud member of the Rainbow community. I came out later in life having struggled with my identity and deep-seated fear of being discovered. I want to make a difference and make life easier for those who also struggle and to celebrate the changes that have already occurred through the hard work and dedication of those who have been on this path for some time. Producing outcomes for all of our community is vital for the health of our society”.