Latest board addition, Andreas Derleth

Rainbow Pride Auckland is pleased to announce the latest addition to our board, Andreas Derleth.

Andreas Derleth

Andreas, going by his preferred name Andy, has always been passionate about contributing some of his time to a good cause. In his teenage years Andy organised youth holiday camps, later on participated in the voluntary fire brigade in his home town and served as Mr Gay New Zealand and Mr Gay World in 2012/2013. During this time, aside from a daytime job, Andy travelled the world and gave over 100 interviews to LGBTIQ+ and mainstream media always with promoting tolerance, acceptance and inclusion on the forefront of his mind. From his own experience as a young gay man, growing up in a conservative environment with a lack of gay role models, Andy chose his main focus to be to give hope and perspective to those young men scared about being gay and coming out. In line with this Andy supported Outline NZ and always had and still has an open ear for those who contact him and look for guidance and an open ear. 

To the board of Rainbow Pride Auckland Andy brings international experience in management and leadership which were acquired in different leadership positions in well known companies in NZ and overseas. His current role is General Manager at Wireless Nation. His strength are organisation, coordination and planning with a particular focus on effectiveness and efficiency. In his 11 years in New Zealand Andy had the opportunity to get additional advanced training and succeed in communication management, project management, leadership, and strategic long term planning. 

In his free time, Andy likes to keep fit with weights workouts and swimming, socialising with friends, travelling, snowboarding, go for a ride on a motorbike, watch a good movie and most importantly spend quality time with his partner Tom. 

Personal statement:
“I’m passionate about bringing a colourful inclusive celebration of diversity back to the streets of Auckland. It is heartwarming to see people from all walks of life participating or lining the streets, particularly when you have families where the parent(s), guardians or care-givers use this opportunity to tell their children they will love them regardless of sexual orientation/identity. What matters is what you say and do not what nature determined you to be.”