Welcome To Rainbow Pride Auckland

It is with pleasure to announce that Rainbow Pride Auckland (RPA) has been formed.

RPA will reinstate and improve the direction of the Parade & Festival for 2020 and beyond. We want to engage with the LGBTIQ+ communities and our allies and encourage community groups, sponsors, corporates, and government agencies/institutions opportunities to participate and celebrate knowing full well that it has always been our LGBTIQ+ communities’ gift to the city of Auckland on a National and International stage.

Rainbow Pride Auckland has decided to be self-governing and therefore will not have a ‘wider open membership’. We believe it will take time to heal the rifts between many individuals and groups and feel this is the best way forward at the moment and will reassess this position at the first Annual General Meeting prior to 31 July 2020.
RPA has been set up to manage its work at three different levels which are a Board, Advisory Panel and a Guardianship Panel.

The Board’s role will be to run the Rainbow Pride Auckland on a day to day basis. The Advisory Panel’s role will be to advise and work with the board to achieve its objectives and the Guardianship Panel’s role will be to support the board.

Most importantly, RPA wishes to have a more inclusive and non-judgmental feel to its direction; not only the vast majority of our communities but those individuals and groups who feel marginalised.
More information will become available as Rainbow Pride Auckland progresses forward.

We ask the communities to submit people’s names that they think would enhance the direction of Rainbow Pride Auckland and which relate to seats on the board & advisory. A short Bio on yourself along with your contact details, By using the following contact page on our web site. These names would need to be with us by the end of February 2019.

We also look forward to receiving positive ideas, suggestions and comments by using our website “Contact us” page rainbowprideauckland.org.nz/contact-us