Steve works in the corporate world of insolvency and through his work he has picked up many skills which he believes will bring something a little ‘unique’ to the board. He also has a wide network of contacts who he is keen to see support the parade in whatever way they can.

Steve is openly gay, and over the years has been involved in a number of community focussed events, albeit mainly in drag as his alter ego Lola Bangawa.  Lola was a frequent performer at Wigs on the Waterfront and Queen of the Whole Universe, yes, she is a 3 times beauty queen, Steve said very tongue in cheek. As an older gay man, Steve believes he still has  a lot to offer to the organisation. He is very passionate about the parade and firmly believes it is truly relevant today as there are still many in our communities that struggle and don’t have the support, love, or environment to be who they truly are. Steve believes that by attending the parade it allows more to feel they are not alone and to be who they are, and for that brief moment in time, in his words “it was a successful parade”.