Board & Advisory Announced

The working group would like to thank everyone who submitted their names to enhance the direction of Rainbow Pride Auckland which relates to seats on the Board and Advisory Panel. Interviews are well underway and it will not be too long before we have a completed team.

We would like to acknowledge the overwhelming messages of support, positive ideas and suggestions from our LGBTIQ+ communities, sponsors, businesses, corporate and government agencies that were sent through our “Contact us” page. If we have missed anyone out let us know please.

The working group is comprised of fifteen people in total. There are three levels which are comprised of a Guardianship, Advisory Panel and a Board. At this stage not all positions have been filled.

Guardianship: (5) These people are community leaders based on specific skill sets.

The role of the Guardianship is to ensure the constitution is up-held and offers guidance and support to the Board and the Advisory Panel. The constitution is in the final stages of development. The Guardianship have the power to overturn decisions made by the Board and Advisory Panel in extreme cases.

Guardianship appointments will be release next week.

The Board: (9) These people have been selected based on specific skill sets.

The role of The Board is up-hold the rules of Rainbow Pride Auckland and has full control of the Parade & Festival.

At this stage we have seats and positions already filled.

The Chairperson, Treasurer and remaining three board members positions are yet to be filled

Advisory Members: (7): These people have been selected based on specific skill sets.

The role of the Advisor Panel is to ensure our communities are connected, and to help and support the board.

At this stage we have seats already filled.

The remaining two Advisory Panel member positions are yet to be filled.

There are to be members from the community who will have roles assisting the Advisory Panel as well. These people may be selected from the interview process or shoulder tapped if need be. However, if you think you have the time and energy to fill one of these roles we would just love to hear from you.

We will try our very best to communicate with you on a regular basis. Your feedback and suggestions are welcomed. However, because of the high volume of inward correspondence we have had, many answers to questions may come to you via our media releases.

Rainbow Pride Auckland is to be self-governing and this situation will be reviewed by the organisation at the Annual General Meeting in or around June 2020.

We would like to acknowledge Kaumatua (Mana Whenua) who have assisted us in the area of Tikanga and look forward to continued support.