Latest board addition, Daniel Weeks.

The team are pleased to announce the latest addition to our board, Daniel Weeks.

Daniel Weeks

Daniel has a broad background in change management, process development, human resources and learning & development. Having spent 13 years living in Christchurch he made the move to Auckland in 2016 to further his career at an executive level.

Daniel is passionate about the LGBTQI+ community in New Zealand as a whole and keen to be an active contributor to future successes of our community in Auckland.

In his free time Daniel is active with his family, Daniel and his partner share custody of their daughters who are two rainbow warriors in their own right. When the domestic chores are done there’s nothing better he likes than exploring more of our beautiful country.

Personal Statement:
“Moving with my family 16 years ago from the motherland to New Zealand, it wasn’t long before I felt comfortable calling New Zealand Home. Our country is the of epitome of acceptance & diversity. I am proud to be able to be a part of a leadership nation in this virtue. For me, pride is not a one day or one week exclusivity event, it is about year wide acceptance, something that is not exclusive to our community but can reach further to wider communities, those without a voice and those lost amongst the noise. It is a unity of diversity and inclusivity that celebrates being alive and sharing in this amazing thing we call life.”